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A book about 21st-century education needs a special cover

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

Designers; kids with crayons; professional Photoshop gurus; students with mad skills or hobbyists using pen&ink. For the design, I brought on board the Brazilian designer Bruno Bertani, who has already won numerous Cannes Design Lions.

The greatest idea of the book concept – at least in my opinion – is the so named "Cover-Project" above all in “The Cover Project”. In the pre-launch phase – until August 1st 2021 – I am calling on designers, schoolchildren, students, parents, managers and anyone who wants to live out their creativity without restrictions, to contribute a specially designed cover to become part of the book. All covers submitted will become part of one dynamic virtual multi-cover.

If you want to participate, please order the "Cover Award Package".

You are a student? Submission is for free.

Start to create one or many cover designs and submit these to the Cover Award.

Back the Classroom Thinktank project, get your design work seen and judged by industry experts across the world. The winner of the Cover Award will be the final printed cover of the book jacket. 20 additional selected covers will be honored and published in the permanent inside cover of the printed book.

Thanks to the jury for supporting this pro-bono project!

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