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European Year of Future Skills: Classroom Thinktank in Budapest

Updated: May 2

Thanks to Európa Pont and the European Commission Representation in Hungary for inviting me to speak at the "European Thinkers Series" in Budapest. It was such a great evening together with exciting and committed guests. The evening had been hosted by Olga Szederkényi, editor.

Following the motto of the European Year of Skills, I had the chance to share the most important insights about our Classroom Thinktank Initiative.

The European Year of Skills puts FUTURE SKILLS centre-stage. Helping people get the right skills for quality jobs and helping companies, in particular small and medium enterprises, address skills shortages in the EU is what this Year is all about. How? By showcasing skills development opportunities and activities across Europe, by fostering easier recognition of qualifications across borders, by bringing organisations and people together to share their experiences and insights.

Together with Dr. Kristof Fenyvesi and a team from the University of Jyväskylä we had the chance to inspire our guests with a Speed Ideation Session to find new ideas to inspire the learning process in schools with our guests in Budapest. And... I need to say, this community was one of the best, we ever had in the hall. Compliments to all of you who were there!

We have now passed on the inspiration we developed to those responsible in the EU. Let's see what happens with it.

Topics that were discussed:

• What role can creativity play in the future of education in Europe?

• How can creativity be promoted in education and how can schools be designed to support creative thinking in students?

• How can more creativity in schools strengthen students' independent thinking, problem-solving skills and imagination?

The language of the event was English, with simultaneous interpretation in Hungarian.

If you want to see the panel and our presentation, it will be shared via Youtube and Facebook.

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