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Classroom Thinktank Initiative inspired Nordic Ambassadors at the International Business School IBS

Updated: Apr 16

Budapest, Wednesday, April 13th. Leonard Sommer had the unique opportunity to present the CLASSROOM THINKTANK INITIATIVE to the NORDIC BRIDGE LEADERS COMMUNITY in Budapest at the IBS -International Business School Budapest_Vienna. In the presence of the 3 Nordic Ambassadors Erik Vilstrup Lorenzen (Denmark), Pentti Anttinen (Finland), Dag Hartelius (Norway) and a community of young european business leaders, Leonard Sommer presented the Classroom Thinktank Initiative and hold a Speed Ideation Workshop, to generate ideas to foster creativity in a future leadership culture. The event's main goals were knowledge sharing and getting to know the Classroom Thinktank Initiative, to share best practices, and skills of Scandinavian and Hungarian nations and to find new ideas to foster creativity as a leader.

Special thanks to Kristof Fenyvesi (Senior Reseracher University of Jyväskylä) for your inspiring opening speech and our collaborative speed ideation session. With fresh ideas, a keen interest in learning, and a lot of openness, the ambassadors and invited young Hungarian leaders took part in the workshop.

Many questions, suggestions, responses, and viewpoints on FUTURE SKILLS; education and learning were expressed during the evening event. Focus areas of the live discussions:

• What traits and qualities make a successful leader, and how may they be developed?

• How can we support learning and development at work?

• What does higher education look like in the future, and is earning a degree worthwhile?

• What kind of setting fosters creativity in real life, and what makes for innovative businesses?

The International Business School Budapest/Vienna hosted this event and provided space and support for the implementation of the collaborations. Thanks to Andrea Ilona JOÓS (Chief Communications Officer (CCO) International Business School) and Dr. Lászlo Lang (CEO International Business School) for the opportunity.

The International Business School opened its library building to value-creating community events, thinktank initiatives, and creative workshops with a gathering of the Nordic Bridge Leaders community. Between Hungary and the five Scandinavian nations (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden), Nordic Bridge serves as a forum for knowledge exchange and collaboration. The Scandinavian embassies in Budapest collaborated to create the initiative, which Bridge Budapest helped to launch in 2018.

What is Nordic Bridge?

Nordic Bridge is a community for increased knowledge and cooperation between Hungary and the five Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden). The programme has been elaborated jointly by the Nordic Embassies in Budapest and is financially supported by the Nordic Council of Ministers.

Nordic Bridge aims at sharing ideas, best practices from Hungary and the Nordic countries, expertise and experience through dialogue and exchange with prospective business and political leaders in Hungary, and thereby contributing to an informed debate on Nordic values.

Nordic Bridge is a series of events run and hosted by the Nordic Embassies covering a spectrum of topics to be selected and shaped in collaboration with the members of the

Nordic Bridge community. The events will stimulate interest in and provide insight into the Nordic societies, and the way they function and interact with the outside world. Issues highlighted and discussed might, for instance, span from green and sustainable growth models, education innovation, people’s relationship with nature, gender equality or Nordic happiness. Guest speakers, group discussions and informal events will enrich the dialogue within the community.

Nordic Bridge is part of a joint Nordic outreach programme for a European audience and will be accompanied with the ambition to spread news and information from the Nordic region, the Nordic Council of Ministers and the participating Embassies.

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