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Presentation of 2nd edition in German language at Tomorrow's Learner Summit 2022 in Switzerland

The German edition of the book "CLASSROOM THINKTANK - How To Foster Creativity in 21st-Century Education" had been presented for the first time at the Tomorrow's Learner Summit on September 23 in Wollerau, Switzerland. At the event internationally renowned education experts shared their views on digital education fit for the future. The line-up included Swedish "Teacher of the Year 2020" Philippe Longchamps, author and digital education activist Stephanie von Guttenberg, researcher Kristof Fenyvesi, publicist Marc Bodmer, the education tech expert Cornelia Möhrlen, CEO Bold Brains Technology and professors Holger Horz and Andreas Dengel from Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main.

The event was a direct summit between education experts and the learning community of the Obersee Bilingual School. In addition to presentations and discussions for adults, there was an inspiring "Kids & Teens" program where children and teens learned more about innovative learning methods on the competencies of Critical Thinking, Creativity and Digital Literacy in experiential workshops.

Leonard Sommer presented the 2nd edition of a book entitled "Wenn Schule Auf Ideen Bringt - 100 Kreative denken Bildung neu" for the first time at the Summit.

Leading up to the Tomorrow's Learner Summit in Switzerland, 13 students from Obersee Bilingual School had each taken the time to design their own title for the 2nd edition of the German CLASSROOM THINKTANK book!

All of these designs are now part of the virtual cover gallery for the printed edition, which can be experienced virtually when viewing the book with a smartphone.

As part of #TLS2022 at Obersee Bilingual School, Switzerland, guests on site were asked to vote for the cover that particularly touched them. The design "Lighthouse" by Ignacio received the most votes. The design is therefore the first title to be featured in the virtual gallery on the cover of the limited edition print version.

However, the class also took the time to present all the designs in their own virtual gallery. These can be viewed here - including a short text on the creative thoughts behind the design.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank each of the students from the bottom of my heart for their creativity and also the two teachers Louise Graf and Ian Philpot for their project management.

I am now also calling on every reader to get creative themselves!

It doesn't matter if you are a student - an accountant, a creative designer, a marketing guru, a school principal, a mother, a father or a business consultant!

Send us your design.

You can find the briefing HERE

By the way, all designs submitted by all readers so far can also be found on the German website - without virtual effects - just like that...

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