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Classroom Thinktank live at the 7th STEAM Seminar

Experience Workshop was launched as the collaborative effort of mathematicians, visual artists, teachers, parents and children in 2008. Over the years Krisoif Fenyvesi and his collegues have organized countless math-art-education events, exhibitions, workshops, seminars and trainings all over Europe and Africa, America, Asia, Australia. The members of our international network are teachers, artists, scholars, craftsmen and toymakers from all over the world.

Thanks to the Founder (and Co-Author of my book) Kristof Fenyvesi, who invited me and Patrick Newell (Founder Tokio International School) to open up a discussion about STEAM learning and to present the book project "Classroom Thinktank" to the audience.

TIME: 9am CET, Online

Since there are only 100 free tickets for the webinar, it's best to register now at Eventbride.

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