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The Classroom Thinktank Blog – the pinnwall for everybody, who wants to share an idea or opinion.

Classroom Thinktank aims to be more than just a book. My original intention with this project was always to bring together interested people who in turn contribute ideas, thoughts, insights and opinions to find an answer to the question of how creativity can be fostered in the school of the 21st century.

Therefore, the plan of this blog is to be an open forum. An open forum for anyone who wants to contribute.

The plan is also, that the best contributions will be part of the second edition of the book "Classroom Thinktank".

Therefore, I call on everyone who reads this text to formulate their thoughts and send them to me (via submission form).

I look forward to your contribution.

#classroomthinktank #youridea #fostercreativity #creativity #education

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