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CLASSROOM THINKTANK will be part of this year`s Brain & Learning Series

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

From JAN 22nd to MAY 7th world-class researchers and innovators in their field will share innovative insights about creativity. I am honored to be part of this year’s „Brain And Learning Series CEREBRO CREATIVO“, that are officially recognized by the UNESCO World Creativity Initiative.

In my webinar, I will talk about the learnings from the CLASSROOM THINKTANK reserach initiative and finally present the book concept to the global audience of students, teachers, and principals.

Join me via Zoom on SAT, JAN 22nd at 4 pm CET / 10 am EST. You can register here:

Hereby the full article, that announces the upcoming webinar.

Assuming the whole education system will need to make this radical transition, the German entrepreneur Leonard Sommer asked more than 100 creatives, education futurists, and thought leaders in 35 countries to inspire parents, teachers, principals, and ministries of education to rethink 21st-century education. His belief that education needs to fundamentally change compelled him to create the Classroom Thinktank initiative. Sommer began exploring new possibilities in education, imagining the school of the future as one where teachers are coaches and facilitators rather than just lecturers – one that would move from an authoritarian approach to one of inspiration, where mistakes are celebrated as learning. Creativity has always been a focus for Sommer as an entrepreneur and co-founder of the Sommer+Sommer creative agency. Though it was a defining moment that turned Sommer towards an interest in the education of creativity which happened when his daughter came home from school disheartened one day. She was upset, knowing that to get a good grade on an assignment she would have to provide expected answers instead of creative ones. He realized then that the education system was not preparing our next generations for creativity but rather for conformity. “Developing every person’s unique creative potential must become one of our most important educational goals – in schools and even at home,” states Leonard Sommer, author of the newly released book, CLASSROOM THINKTANK How to Foster Creativity in 21st Century Education. The beautifully designed book is a collection of visions, strong opinions, outstanding ideas, and methods from 100 inspiring individuals from all over the world. It is a must-read for anyone who believes that our children should go to school to be prepared for the future, not for the past. The book includes interesting and relevant thoughts, concepts, and inspirations on a new organizational design and learning culture for schools, the role of the teacher and parents, as well as new teaching methods and an alternative assessment model. “There are already exemplary schools and teachers creating an environment where creativity can bloom and natural curiosity is inspired,” says Sommer. “This all results in more engaged learning.” Examples from Canada, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Japan, and the United States are already proving that a new path is really worthwhile. At this delicate moment in our world’s history, one would be hard-pressed to find anyone that disagrees that creativity is an essential skill, but the findings of CLASSROOM THINKTANK show that most schools are still without the training needed to develop creativity. To give this the importance it warrants, specialized training for teachers, focused on the practical techniques needed to support students to move through the creative process is recommended. And in order to inspire students, and really connect them with their own learning, they should be working on real-world problems, seeking out new perspectives and new ways of thinking. In this way, the unique creative potential that is in each of us lends itself to making the world a better place and ensures a more hopeful future for us all. “My hope is that through this work that educational practitioners all over the world might discover some food for thought to enable them to make necessary changes for the sake of preparing our children for our shared future,” says Sommers. “I consider the collation of this work an ongoing process and invite everybody to share their thoughts, ideas, and strategies and become part of this movement.” The plan for the CLASSROOM THINKTANK is to keep growing the initiative and one day reaches beyond the pages of the book to center on the intersection of creativity and learning. The future goal for this initiative is to provide a platform for a community of people with a vested interest in improving how education is delivered. Join us for the Cerebro Creativo series to learn more about the CLASSROOM THINKTANK and to participate in the Global Call for Creative Ideas. To get a detailed insight into the central learnings of Sommer´s initiative, register for the author’s presentation, Lessons from Classroom Thinktank, which will also launch the Global Call for Creative Ideas, an initiative endorsed by World Creativity Week, with the objective of getting us all to think about our collective future. Registration is now open: Date: January 22, 2022 Time: 10 am (UTC/GMT -5 hours) More information about the Creative Brain series of events:

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