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A book about 21st-century education needs a special cover. That's why our team decided to announce the "creative cover project". In the pre-launch period - until August 1st - you have the opportunity to submit YOUR cover. In the end, all cover designs will become part of this book via augmented reality. Additionally, the submitted cover designs will be judged by an international jury of which Sabine Georg is also a part. The winner of the Cover Award will be the final printed cover of the book jacket. Six additional selected covers will be honored and published in the permanent inside cover of the book. 

I am once again pleased that Miami Ad School has agreed to call on its students to participate. Therefore, we have come up with something special for you, the students of this outstanding school. First of all, each of you is welcome to submit two designs. The designers of all submitted covers will also be presented by name in the book with what we consider to be their strongest cover on a separate double-page.  

0851 Kopie.jpg

Dear Creative!

I'm glad you're going to be a part of our cover project. There are no rules for your idea at first. In the following you will receive the briefing for your creation. Have fun and create excellence.


The Brief: 

• Endformat: 196 x 290 cm (+3mm space)


• Text elements:



How To Foster Creativity In 21st Century Education


Additional text components:
Leonard Sommer


100 creative professionals and education experts from all over the world share their ideas and insights

Send the high resolution files (225 dpi/endformat) of your cover designs via WeTransfer (or comparable platforms) to leonard.sommer(at) Please create all elements on your own – make sure, that you are not using elements, where you are not the copyrights-holder

Deadline: submit your design by August 1tst, 2021

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